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We Are Open Every Day 9am to 5pm.

The picnic area closes at 4:45pm.

Time your arrival accordingly, you must vacate the picnic area at that time.

 We specialize in fresh farmed oysters, clams & mussels from the cool, clean waters of Tomales Bay and the Pacific Northwest. 


To see our Picnic Page scroll over "THE FARM" tab above and click on "PICNICKING"



We are currently in a permitting process with Marin County. Because of restrictions on our use permit, we ask for your help in reducung the number of vehicles visiting the farm on weekends. 

WE ARE ONLY TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR LARGE GROUPS ARRIVING IN CONSOLODATED GROUP TRANSPORT (bus, van, limo, or shuttle). All of our unreserved tables are given away on a first come, first served basis to small groups (~10 people) small groups may only use one table. Large groups arriving without a reservation and group transportation will be turned away. Check in at the blue sales table directly in front of the oyster holding tanks to get a space.

 WE CHARGE $5 DOLLAR DAY USE FEE PER PERSON AGE 15 AND OLDER, children under 14 are free


If you are a large goup, arrange for group transportation and make a reservation in advance, or please picnic elsewhere.

 Our picnic area is open every day from 9am to 4:45pm

Please carpool, arrive early, and help us at this critical time to complete the county process. Friendly dogs are welcome, must be on a 6' leash and you must pick up after them.

Please call 415-663-1243 or e-mail: reservations@tomalesbayoystercompany.com


We accept cash only, we have an ATM onsite.



Call ahead during winter storms as we may close early due to bad weather

We are 5 miles north of Point Reyes Station.

To find out more about Picnicking,oysters to go, and the farm please scroll along the top bar.  Thanks.  Hope to see you at the farm.


 click↓video                                                                        click↓directions                      The Marshall Store is our family Oyster bar 3 miles north of TBOC